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The core facility for Advanced Electron Microscopy at OUH is a state-of–the-art equipped laboratory that offers high-end imaging technology for researchers. The facility contains two nodes which, are localized at the Pathology Dept., Rikshospitalet and the Institute for Cancer Research, Department of Molecular Cell Biology, Radium Hospital. The node at Rikshospitalet serves researchers at Rikshospitalet, Ullevål Hospital and the Gaustad University campus, and shares equipment with the diagnostic unit. The node at Radiumhospitalet (Montebello) mainly serves researchers at the Institute for Cancer Research and the Radiumhospitalet.

Finn P Reinholt, Gaustad Core facility leader
Institute of Pathology
Rikshospitalet, Gaustad
0027 Oslo,Norway

The Electron Microscopy Core Facility, Gaustad, is located at the Department of Pathology, Rikshospitalet building A, M-floor room A2M028. We provide users at Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet and Ullevål Hospital, University of Oslo, Gaustad Campus, and other scientists in the Health Region with expertise within different fields of Electron Microscopy and quantitative morphological tissue/cell analysis including experimental design. For information on available techniques, certification as instrument user, and booking of instrument time, please contact our facility engineer Sverre-Henning Brorson, PhD ( or the core facility leader Finn P Reinholt.

Andreas Brech, Montebello Core facility leader
Department of Molecular Cell Biology, Institute for Cancer Research
The Norwegian Radium Hospital, Montebello
0379 Oslo, Norway

The Electron Microscopy Core Facility,  Montebello, is located at the Department of Molecular Cell Biology, 6th floor, room K06006. We provide users at Oslo University Hospital, University of Oslo and other researchers in the Health region with services within Electron Microscopy. For information about available techniques, visit Services on the top of the page. For more information about the use of Imaging at our department follow this link:
To make a reservation on the core facility instruments please use our online booking system at New users need be registered to get access to the booking system. Please contact the Core facility manager:

or our facility engineer:


User Fees. All users of the core facility services are charged an hourly fee. For Helse Sør-Øst users the fee is 100 NOK/hour for the use of a core facility microscope, and additionally, 400 NOK/hour for assistance from core facility staff. Academic users outside of Helse Sør-Øst are charged an additional 50% on the above fees, while non-academic users are charged an additional 100%.For larger projects and superusers a flat fee for unlimited access can be negotiated.

A specified price list for sample preparation is found under services.

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