General info

This core facility is part of the Advanced Light Microscopy core facility at Oslo University Hospital, supported by Helse Sør-Øst, which includes two additional nodes located at Radiumhospitalet (Montebello), and at the Institute of Experimental Research, Ullevål University Hospital (UUH). 

The Gaustad node is physically located at two separate sites at Rikshospitalet. The first section is located at the Institute for Clinical Medicine in building B1, and the second section is located at the Department of Pathology in building A3.

We provide users at Oslo University Hospital (OUS), the University of Oslo (UiO), regional Helse Sør-øst users, as well as external users, with services within; Super-resolution microscopy, live cell microscopy,  confocal scanning microscopy, high content imaging microscopy, wide-field microscopy, and image analysis.

For detailed information about the techniques that are available, please visit the "Services" tab on the top of the page.


Want to use the facility?

If you would like to use our facility, please contact the core facility manager Anna Lång.

 Anna Lång, PhD
Telephone: +47 23070911

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